Like central air conditioners, split air conditioners utilize a split design but they’re significantly easier and less expensive to install than central air conditioning. A split AC has at least one unit that sits inside a building with the compressor located outside. These split systems consist of matched equipment to provide efficient and worry free home comfort. There are many benefits to a split AC unit including:

  1. Easy installation: These units are relatively easy to set up. Since there is no ductwork required, these units only require a small space in the wall and a location outside to place the condenser.
  2. Worry-free maintenance: With washable filters and easy access openings, split air conditioning units are very easy to maintain and repair.
  3. Quiet operation: Overall, these systems are quieter than window air conditioners and the outside unit can be placed under a patio or window, causing little disturbance.
  4. Heating capability:Split air conditioning units have the ability to provide additional heating throughout the year.
  5. Cost effectiveness: Using a smaller fan and varying run times for different units, split air conditioning units will save you money and cut back on energy being used.

Quieter, safer and generally more efficient than window air conditioners, split AC systems are a great way to go if you are looking for a new air conditioning system.

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